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Naomi Michael

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IPG Mediabrands APAC

Explore my regular column covering all-things marketing and beyond.

A primer on the art of marketing art: published by Australia’s highest arts and culture organisation.

Sharing some best-practice in museum marketing from Britain.  Unfortunately not available online, but here’s a link to the print issue.

If Europe’s IoT (internet of things) Council picked on something I published, it’s probably worth reading it… I suppose.

Short interview for The Business Blast Podcast (USA)

A few re-published columns from Australia to America.

Rainbow washing or enlightening. An article about our changing culture and how marketing needs to respond to that.

Commenting on the top brands of the world’s youngest market in development.

How marketing communications can fundamentally change, and become a regenerative force in the economy of smart cities.

Reporting on current affairs through my brand marketing looking glass.

How mediatization shapes and frames the processes and discourse of political communication as well as the society in which that communication takes place.

Some of my branding perspectives about past, present and future.

Because I just couldn’t resist and say Ole’ to Spain’s marketing and advertising community.

A profile piece from when I joined the International Grand Jury of the New York Festivals of Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness Awards.

Revisit my former Spanish column for Mexico’s most respected marketing, media, branding and advertising publisher.

Read my contributions to The Conversation and engage in more meaningful discussions 

Urban Brand-Utility: A projected future for brand communications as a regenerative force in the global urban fabric

Brand City, my regular column in the intersection of marketing and urbanisation.

Provocations to the largest marketing and advertising platform in the world, Advertising Week's AW360

Want to delve in my most revolutionary idea?! A full coverage on Urban Brand-Utility can be found here.

Relevant advice for executives who want to grow in their careers.

My first and non-edited interview about Urban Brand-Utility. Have fun!

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