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Brief background

I am an internationally experienced, award-winning brand, media and innovation strategist. I am also a lecturer, speaker and writer. I began my career in Intellectual Property Law in my native Brazil and progressed as a high-tech military consultant in Israel before pivoting towards senior marketing, media and innovation roles across the UK and Australia.

What is great brand strategy?

The development of great brands relies on outstanding insights, intellectual curiosity and the ability for seamless connection between strategy and execution. Great strategists are able to draw on multiple and diverse sources, make often unseen connections and translate these into distinctive and compelling ideas. I work in the intersection of culture and technology, where I apply the nuanced sensitivity to address consumers' unarticulated desires.

Passion and Impact

Beyond technical skills, I am committed to developing teams and individuals. I aim to be the leader that can make a lasting difference in their lives and, ultimately, society. This commitment can be verified through my 2016 induction into the highly esteemed Marketing Academy, where I was recognised as one of the industry's most influential and original marketing strategists, which was followed by my appointment as Chairman of the Alumni.

To fully be the change I want to see in the world, I am engaged in reframing marketing communications from the promotion of conspicuous consumption to becoming a regenerative force in the economy of cities  through an approach I coined Urban Brand-Utility (UBU).  Besides its publications and keynotes, UBU is also a practice I brought onto the  nano-consultancy I founded, SURGE, where the full-range of strategic brand marketing communications, innovation and employee engagement is also offered.

honours and awards

Top 10 best new finance brands 


Member of the International Grand Jury

Creator Award

(Pause Fest)


Scholar and Alumni Founding Chairman




Best Content Creation

Global Innovation Awards -Judge



Exceptional Mentor Award


Best Content Marketing Strategy



former agency experience

Initiative — Australia

Head of Strategy

Starcom — UK/Australia

Group Strategy Director

Push Collective — Australia

Senior Strategy Director

OMD — Australia

Strategy Director

SuperUnion — UK

Worldwide Strategist & Knowledge Development Consultant 

Interbrand — Australia

Associate Strategy Director

have a bit of fun and watch my application to the marketing academy 

Australia Leaders Programme 2016; The Marketing Academy

Sergio provided the tools to demystify the process of brand creation and in turn has transformed my business life in an immeasurable way.

Richard Wiles

Senior Store Design Manager

Cotton On Group

2/287 Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000


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